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Elite Player Attacking Defending Camp

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Elite Player Attacking Defending Camp

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Elite Player Attacking Defending Camp

Soccer Performance Training is relentless in its pursuit of developing athletes to the fullest of their potential.
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The Elite Player Attacking Defending camp is an invitation only event that brings together top female players for three days of training, competition, and fun.  The curriculum includes technical training/ball mastery and is based on structured functional and phase of play training to focus on developing a player’s attacking and defending skills through technical skill & tactical understanding.

Our program gives the player additional training to improve their technical and tactical ability and is for the committed soccer player who has the desire to play at a higher level.

Experience and train with top trainers, players from other clubs in a fun, competitive, and positive environment.

Keepers welcome.  Please email for more information.

Functional AND PHASE OF PLAY Training

Functional training is training for a specific position or area of the field (like forwards, outside midfield, etc). This type of training involves practicing the specific demands of a position or a role. This can be for an individual player, or for a unit (i.e. back line).

Phase of play training is designed to simulate a specific section of play within a real match. We train the understanding of the principles of play and tactical understanding.

This form of training focuses on a specific aspect of play (attacking down the flanks, counter-attacking, etc). It may be overloaded (e.g. 9vs8, 8vs7) and conditions placed on the other group to further create a good learning environment. Various start positions can also be employed to create the game scenario desired.

Below are examples of functional and phase of play training for forwards, mids, and defenders.

  • 1 v 1 attacking and finishing
    Striking/shooting from different angles
    Finishing from distance
    Finishing the breakaway under pressure
    Crossing and Finishing
    Phase of Play
  • Counter attacking
    Movement to create space
    Finishing around the penalty area
    Combination play in the final third
    Forward Runs without the ball
  • 1 v 1 defending
    Heading: clearing and directional
    Defending crosses
    Marking in final third
    Phase of Play
  • Numbers down defending
    Playing out of the back
    Defending wide areas
    Defending in the final third

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Camp Details

9-12 PM
OC Great Park


Any trainer or participate demonstrating symptoms of illness (listed below) at any point shall be removed from activities and prohibited from training.

Prior to attending any training event, each trainer and participate will check their temperature at home, and refrain from participation if he or she has a fever (above 100.4 degrees F). If thermometers are not available, conduct a daily health questionnaire in line with the “Coronavirus Self-Checker” made available by the CDC.

Prior to each day, trainers are required to solicit response of each participant the (4) questions immediately below. This information will be taken to reduce the risk of infection among trainers and participates in accordance with CDC recommendations and State and local guidelines.

• Does not have a fever above 100.4 degrees F.
• Has not had a documented case of COVID-19 in the last 14 days.
• Is not currently demonstrating or suffering from any ill symptoms.
• Has not had any close contact with a sick individual or anyone with a confirmed case of COVID-19.

Participants must wear a facial covering (mask) from the vehicle drop off area to the camp area and from the camp area to the pick up location. Please note: Participants are not required to wear facial coverings (masks) during camp activities.

I acknowledge that should my child test positive for Coronavirus, within 5 days of the end of camp, that I will immediately notify Soccer Performance Training and authorize disclosure to all camp participants that a participant has tested positive for Coronavirus without identifying the participate, unless I authorize Soccer Performance Training to do so.


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This was a wonderful experience from start to finish, well organized and well run. I had a great experience. Excellent coaches – one of the best camps I've participated in. Thank You!


I recommend this camp to anyone. It was one of the best training sessions I've been a part of. The coaches know what they are doing and it will help you improve a lot in your skills and game situations.


This is hands down the best camp I've attended. I've attended 4 years now and have so much fun each year. They've definitely helped with my development over the years. Be ready, they work you.