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Agility & Skills Camp (ASC) is designed with the intention of improving the essential technical skills combined with improving the agility and quickness of the competitive soccer player. Good first touch, good space awareness, checking surroundings, intentional direct control, moving without the ball, finishing.  

ASC is specifically tailored for the competitive soccer player that desires to play the game at an increasingly faster pace and improve speed of movement. If you have the ability to quickly change direction, it is often the difference between success and failure. Soccer today is characterized by front to back and side to side movements with acceleration, deceleration, change of pace, and change of direction within a 10-yard window.

Without the continuous improvement of these areas, a player’s individual development will not reach its full potential. Get to the ball before your opponent.


agility & skills CAMP Details

"With our Agility and Skills Camp, you will see significant improvement in technical skills and agility after just six weeks."
Saturday, July 25
10:15-12 PM
Free to attend


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